Grande Jet'e - 1st Grade Transitional Ballet -10 Weeks - Classic

Miss Chantal
The Moriah School (location map)
Wednesday, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
09/11/19 - 11/27/19 (10 weeks)

Instructor - Ms. Chantal

This is a cumulative class geared toward a June recital.

Our ballerinas will continue to work on proper techniques, skills and routines. Longer barrework will be introduced with an continued and increased emphasis on petit allegro, flexibility and balance. Center and across the floor sequences will add more compound step combinations and added port de bras (arm movements).  They will also learn more intricate choreography and develop performance skills that utilize their classical conservitory training.

Dancers should be dressed in a pink leotard, ballet slippers and hair pulled up away from face.


Upcoming Meetings
11/20/19    3:30 PM Wednesday 11/20/19 3:30 PM
11/27/19    3:30 PM Wednesday 11/27/19 3:30 PM