Pre-K Parparim Dancing Divas - 5 Weeks - Classic

Moriah Plus Instructors
The Moriah School (location map)
Tuesday, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
11/17/20 - 12/15/20 (5 weeks)


Dancing Divas introduces our young dancers to the fundamentals and vocabulary of ballet, hip-hop and jazz. Participants will focus on coordination, motor skills, body awareness and rhythm. Instructors use age appropriate music and movement to encourage listening skills, social interaction and fun! 

***Each Pre-K Dancing Diva's will be divided into its own class Pod Squad.

Upcoming Meetings
12/08/20    3:30 PM Tuesday 12/08/20 3:30 PM
12/15/20    3:30 PM Tuesday 12/15/20 3:30 PM